Season 7 (1984 - 1985)
Episode 168 "Homecoming",  Nov. 09, 1984

J.R. warns Bobby against Pam and Cliff's combined power after Pam inherits Mark Graison's wealth. Donna Krebbs is excited about her oil venture. Pamela tells Jerry Kenderson about Mark's suicide letter. J.R. and Bobby realize that life will be different at Southfork with Clayton around. J.R. and Bobby have a fight over Jock's portrait. Mandy Winger overhears Sue Ellen talking to Jamie about Cliff and J.R. Pam is determined to find out whether Mark was actually on the plane when it exploded. Ellie Ewing Farlow meets her niece Jamie Ewing. Eddie Cronin discovers Lucy's secret, she's a Ewing. Clayton feels uncomfortable.