Season 7 (1984 - 1985)
Episode 166 "Family",  Oct. 26, 1984

J.R. is very suspicious of Jamie's intentions. Eddie Cronin comes to Lucy's defense at the place where she works. Bobby can't get over Pam, which naturally irritates J.R. Jamie feels embarrassed taking gifts from Sue Ellen and Jenna. J.R. tests Jamie by asking her questions about the oil business. Jenna is very happy after her first night at Southfork. Cliff gets a very attractive offer from Jeremy Wendell of Westar but Pam is not too thrilled. Jenna gets suspicious about whether Jamie is for real. Cliff uses Mandy Winger to find out about Wendell's intentions. Sly Lovegren continues to feed information to Cliff. Pamela is shocked to see Mark Graison's car.