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August 11, 2012, 04:51:15 pm
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Episode 10: 4.29 million total----1.1 mill in 18/49 demo. (half-a-mill. increase) We predicted 4-6 on finale. Just broke the plain, obviously....but, still.....

It's been a long, active ride with this thing. 3247 on the "Hear Ye..." Sticky Topic---all-time highest view title in Site history...and still climbing...FOR WHATEVER REASON!! Confused Would still like to believe (there's that "Faith" thing again) that it has something to do with silent "Dallas" and "Mandy" fans actually spreading the word, and contacting the powers that be. I know that certain auto systems go straight to the Sticky department...but that's quite a disparity between "Hear Ye" and the other titles on Chat and Forum where NUMBERS are concerned. By any rational standards...that's a pretty big spread, and there MUST be a reason.

Well, in the end...WHATEVER. Those of us directly involved have done all humanly possible to get the project to this point...and THAT point was to support, and pull for, a SUCCESSFUL "Dallas" remake...and the country has seemed to take care of that on its own. Frankly, the series did far better than even I had anticipated. The show had to MAKE IT for it to be a springboard for The Girl's possible return, and now that's done.

Only ONE issue left...and THAT has been taken as far as we can, also. I tried to put the "Mandy" thought in Procuction's head from the get-go, on behalf of this Site's membership, whether a 'foolish' move or not (read "For All To See)... we relayed necessary 'invite' and contact info to Deborah, as we heard it, and discovered it, and dug it up... she relayed it to her "people"...and now it's up to them and Cynthia & Co..................................
There's actually one "secret weapon" left, if needed...but it's a swing for the fence. Here's hoping the "Pros" do their job instead. Working

So, now we wait...and hope....and for some of us, pray...that this falls into place for Our Girl...and SOON, too. They start prelimiary location shots for Season 2 NEXT MONTH, this time for 15 episodes. And I see a real open spot for more veterans, as it appears that "Cliff Barns" is now a direct "player" in the plot, what with "Rebecca" surprisingly being his daughter....nice move. Didn't see that one coming.

This crew is clever..IF Mandy comes back, I dare say that NONE of us will figure out how......................JUST BRING HER BACK, DAMN IT!!!!!   (you go, Girl  Big grin Big grin Big grin Big grin)

"G"...'g'otta prep for Round 2)

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