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July 22, 2012, 01:30:05 pm
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'HEAR YE HEAR YE, PLANET EARTH": 3047 views in 13 months....the next closest topic is 7 1/2 years old....truly amazing! WHY THAT topic, and not any other titles that, in fact, sound more interesting while some 'visitor' is scanning the pages?? And, there are A LOT, even for a Site this small.

I must humbly admit that, for whatever reason, I'm somewhat gratified when I watch those numbers climb...and NOT because I have some ego to inflate, or that I have dilusions of a Pulitzer someday, or any other self-indulging crap. In truth, I'd like to believe (and there are those who agree with this, including Eric) that maybe....JUST MAYBE... the 'word is out', and there are more than a fair amount of Shelton fans that are REALLY trying to make a difference for her, and sincerely supporting the project with their calls and/or letters. There's one way to find out, and I'll have to use a 'back door' manuever to get the straight scoop from TNT. They ARE a tough organization to try to deal with DIRECTLY...at least from a "those in the know" perspective. In the end, it's "who ya' know" that will get through, and I need to, perhaps, use one of my "markers".

Point is: IF I discover that there IS a healthy flow of Shelton support directed at the network, and, the network IN TURN is relaying this activity to Cynthia and crew, for their consideration....or......if this support is going down the drain cuz TNT is NOT relaying to Production----either way----I WILL eventually post all the Production info I have, on this Site. This will allow the masses to re-direct their support to the correct target, or, enhance and amplify an already existing stream of Shelton activity that TNT is, in fact, forwarding. For all I/we know, the decision may have been made already...whether yea or nay. But in light of Jesse Metcalf's remark on national television that ALL Dallas alumni are welcome, we can only surmise that Miss D would HAVE to be considered...at the very least.

We know for a fact that Deborah is aware of all this, and has been in touch with "her people" to 'make a move'. Eric will be the first to know of any response. But, in addition to waiting on any network info, I will need to know any direct results from The Girl's camp BEFORE I release any priviledged info for public use...in case SHE chooses to use it herself. But, I gotta believe that 'her people' don't NEED any outside assitance...IF they're of professional quality, and they have Deborah's best interests at heart. If NOT, however, then the "B" Team will have to step up. We're NOT going THIS far just to pack up our toys and go home cuz 'others' are swinging at a pitch in the dirt. In OUR case, we WILL swing for the fence.

As most everyone knows by now, Dallas is picked up for a 2nd season, and they start filming in September. The line given to me is that Production has the 'story lines' laid out already, but the episode total hasn't been determined yet, and the specific teleplays are as yet unfinished...if not started. So, there's plenty of room to interject Mandy in there somewhere. THIS is the defining moment for any "Bring Mandy Back" action, and may well be the ONLY chance to see The Girl back in "The Bigs"...as "crystal balls" are usually unreliable, and no one can guess whether Season THREE will ever happen. ANYTHING"S possible!! (personally, I'm praying that Hagman's health holds out...for HIS sake as well as the series').

So, "WORLD"...that's that. It's a shot in the dark...but so was the first trip to the plate up above in "Sticky..."  Ergo...fade 'em, shake 'em and roll 'em----- The Illinois Film Club certainly will, in addition to as many members of AVPA as I can get to "see it my way".
And my personal thanks to Eric for his continued backing, and information....and to the elusive Christo (wherever HE is) for coming out of the shadows some months ago, and re-designing the Forum page to help advertise this  heartfelt venture...Thanks, son!!

And....the very best of luck to YOU, Miss Shelton....we're all behind you. (still wondering, though, how many "we's" there ARE, exactly....still holding on to blind faith...but, that's the BEST kind... icon_wink...in MY mind, there are THOUSANDS!!!!!)

"G"ator...."G"ive it ALL we got !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 22, 2012, 02:27:15 pm
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Yeah y'are right drop the bomb dude..let's play it CIA style... Laughing

We have no future, we have no past
I write this now while I'm in control
I'll choose the words and how the melody goes,
Along winding streets we walked hand in hand
And how I long for that sharp wind
To take my breath away again
I'd run my fingers through your hair.

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