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July 03, 2011, 05:25:02 pm
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Dear Jannet,

Per our phone conversation on 7-1-11, I am forwarding this written
request to you regarding our desire to obtain contact information for
the Production Authorities of the new "Dallas" remake series, which
recently filmed on your location. It's my understanding that you will
relay this inquiry to the producers in question, and hopefully, they
will reply to us directly.

The purpose of this endeavor is to re-generate interest for Miss
Deborah Shelton, who played "Mandy Winger" on the original series. Our
thinking is that, if the new series takes root, initial viewership is
strong, and there appears to be an extended season in the works, then
the writers will be looking for fresh story line ideas. This reality
might open the door to incorporating the 'Mandy' character somewhere
within the fabric of the ensuing plots. We know that several main
names from the original, including Larry Hagman, Linda Grey, and
Patrick Duffy, are already in the cast, and our theory is that
bringing back the stronger characters from that era, over a period of
time, can only serve to draw additional viewers from the first
generation of loyal "Dallas" fans, in addition to this newer, younger
generation that the contemporary cast is designed to attract. The 'old
guard' includes die-hard Deborah Shelton supporters...and 'haters', as
our brief research shows. To some "Dallas" fans, Mandy was "the girl
you love to hate", not always the "God's gift to men" persona that her
character's presence invoked. Either way, the already healthy ratings
of the day back then did spike a bit during her two tenures in series
history, regardless of viewers' motives. It's a fair assumption that
her presence on this new series could provoke a similar increase.

Therefore, our desire is to light a fuse to that possibility with a
write-in campaign, hence the request for Production contacts,
subsequent to their interest and approval, of course. We already have
the info for the TNT programming department, and are planning to
re-direct our efforts to THAT 'target' once we know the show has been
picked up after "round one". Our fan base includes both
Deborah...and...Dallas lovers, so the alliance has a common goal:
we're strongly rooting for the remake's initial success, so the
'powers that be' can count on us to be watching.

One final, yet pertinent, point: There does exist on the Internet a
"Deborah Shelton Official Website" that has been active since 2003
(I'm personally unaware of exact 'birthday' at the moment). But, as
members ourselves, we've noticed a remarkable increase in summary
action since the start of 2011. Membership has accelerated, too,
during this period, with signees ranging from the low 20's to late
50's in age. I have not done the exact math, but the overall total as
to hits and visitors has been in the lower 'box car'
category...somewhere around 200,000+ by dead reckoning at a glance.
Now, we realize that that's not exactly "Lady GaGa" territory, but,
quite frankly, for a celebrity that has essentially disappeared from
serious notoriety for some years now, THAT is still a mathematical
blip on the radar screen that something VERY LARGE could be lurking
out there...namely Miss Shelton's never ending and enduring fanship,
which could very well proliferate if she returns to a major national
venue. Her continued support in Germany, France, and Eastern Europe
seems vital as well. (we've been told that Europeans have an unsually
high level of enduring loyalty for a celebrity that they choose to
love, and The Girl was hot in that area back in her heyday). We can
therefore speculate that that generation is still alive and vital,
too, and will make its voice known, given the opportunity.

In all finality, we are extremely hopeful that this "silent majority",
both from existing membership, and as yet unknown, and unrealized,
national and international fandom, will step forward in healthy
fashion, and willingly join our write in campaign...we're pulling for
a monstrous response. It's happened in history before. But we'll never
know for sure without the approprate avenue, hence our request for
contact info. If successful, however, it can only serve as an
additional kick to increased "ratings"...the magic word in
television... along with our personal desire to see a new and
revitalized "Dallas" series...and...Miss D back where she belongs...in
a national limelight.

Please excuse the slightly longer content duration, but I wished to
state our case as though we were speaking with Production, since I
know you will forward this directly to them. That aside, my sincere,
personal, gratitude for your attention in this matter, Jannet. I will
remember your patience and consideration in this matter, and pass that
fact along on The Site. Also, please keep my national number for
future need. We have multiple accounts in Texas (trucking), and
perhaps I can return the favor in some way, someday, in a practical
fashion that we can't think of at the moment...but that's how those
things come down, sometimes.

Best wishes for a continuing prosperous South Fork. Glad I made the visit.


Gary Anthony, President
Illinois Film Club.....and......the 1,564 members (at the moment) of
The Deborah Shelton Fan Forum

July 04, 2011, 07:13:58 pm
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Thanks for this Gator.

Your not inconsiderable effort in crafting this letter, as well as the work involved in sleuthing out the appropriate contact, are much appreciated. I'll be informing Deborah of your efforts, and I'm sure she'll be very appreciative as well. Probably also touched and moved.

Thanks also for the shout out on the site, and referencing the site membership. It can't hurt for "The Powers That Be" to know that Our Lady still has a considerable fan base.

C'mon people - let's get behind The Gator on this (see his other message) and try to ensure that his efforts are not in vain. Let's put Mandy Winger back in Dallas where she belongs!


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