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Post by: gator on June 11, 2012, 05:35:33 pm
I DON'T BELIEVE IT...I spent the last 90 minutes (on and off) posting, what I consider to be, the best mag I've EVER put on this Site, and just as I'm getting to the finale, the damn thing disappears into space!!!. (let's measure the decibel level on international laughter on THAT one..... :hihi:.... :hihi:.... :hihi:).

So, Planet Earth, ya' get the "nickel" version: (I'm spent...gonna try something 'new'...and desparate)....Gator's Log, "Star"date entry:

---Main item: Josh Hamilton said today on "Windy City America" (ABC national feed) that "the producers said that anyone is welcome...if they're still alive" (audience laughter)...referring to old guard cast...the CLUE I was searching for in recent weeks.

Texted Eric immidiately, and he forwarded this "blip on the radar screen" to The Girl...hoping that her 'people' would jump on house.

The show looks GREAT...saw some clips...21st century "push the envelope with the censors" story shot cast that refused to sign on til they heard that "Old Guard" was on board...had dinner at Hagman's house..."where do we sign?"

Writers' room has notes posted all over the walls: "slander"..."deceipt"..."adultry"..."violence"...etc...they GOTTA find an open door for the Girl in there somewhere!!! And... it's on "cable"...shoot the moon!!!

Sincere thanks to Christo, Eric, Garland, didi, jans, and nicki for keeping the flame alive in recent years. I'm just a "late bloomer" with a big mouth who had nothing better to do 19 months ago but start a new hobby. But......

I've been "in love" (as a FAN) with Miss Shelton since 1974, and Eric knows my professional THAT statement doesn't come loosely. Something about That Girl. (ask G-Girl about Matthew McConneghy (spelling?)...SHE understands...just one of those things)

Watch the show, Folks. It looks REALLY good, and it may very well be the "defining moment" for Miss Shelton's return to're either "a Fan" or you're not!!!!!!!

('re the "lucky one" incoming call when you're working in the yard...and...ZOWIE!!!!! real glad you're my friend...and I'm sure "D" is, too)....."d"??? wish you were YOU were in this Hemisphere...and Papa G?...   you're the BEST!!! and the Girl proved it...gotta see those pics!!!)...Christo? WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU, SON???? Don't disappear when things are about to happen!!!)

Still....I really wish that first mag didn't disappear  :redface:

That's all, folks.

Post by: didi on June 12, 2012, 10:53:44 am
Whaou bitchy!!

Dude you put so much energy into that..whathever you write about is always an event.

Thx to share your insights of the business.

Dallas Dallas yeah!!!.......Nope Sorry dude that'not me even though i'd apreciate having an occasion to see Deborah busy.


Post by: gator on June 13, 2012, 01:38:36 pm
Stiil, monsieur, it's better than radio voice-overs...any launch pad will do. (and...merci on the "event" mag. Really, that 'lost' mag was a Pulitzer candidate....maybe I had a "few too many"...............gee, Papa G, you NAILED it!!!  :icon_wink:)

HOWEVER, ladies and germs: tonight's the night. The old guard has finished the interview gauntlet, coast to coast, ending up on Leno last night (I'm told)...USA had their full page spread...Chicago Tribune gives it 3 1/2 stars...mega-buck promotion on multiple networks...and....and....................Oh my God! What have we here???  A major "Dick" in the 'Tracey'........

USA Today, dated "Critic's Corner": (headline) "THIS 'DALLAS' MAY BE NEW, BUT IT'S NOT IMPROVED" by TV Critic Robert Bianco.

Just a couple of samples: "Forget 'Dallas'; they should have called it 'THEBES' (how artistically clever  :confused:) You can find mummies who look fresher than this mold-encrusted relic and who have newer ideas in their empty, embalmed heads..." and----
..."not that this embarrassing throwback has any idea to offer beyond a desire to cash in on the standard setting success of the CBS original in the '80's".......He ends up giving it 1 1/2 stars (out of 4).

OOOOOH!!!! OUCH!!!! BING BANG BOOOM!!!! Quite scathing, I would say. This boy done cut the chicken's head off before the damn thing's outta the coup. His sentence setiment is just a little over the top, me thinks....possible that he's going thru a bad divorce...or,
quit drinking recently...or, just the opposite...SOMETHING to explain this dark, prejudicial, non-constructive, and quasi-insulting he's got something personal against the series.

And, as to the "standard setting" thing about the I KNOW this guy's not on all 8 cylanders, cuz, I gotta tell ya' folks...we've watched 13 episodes of season 8 in recent weeks (as have other Film Club members), and even with Our Girl within the series now, the acting level is a shade above The Brady Bunch...."plastic", as I believe one of our members called it (old '70's social term)...and I agree. ALL the lines are over-played and artificial as to producing any genuine human drama. But...still has the magnetism to cause everyone to wanna find out what happens any decent 'soap opera', only on prime time. That's why we're all hoping that these new faces (and fine ones at that, coming from successful network series')) with their contemporary acting styles, and a new generation writers staff, will elevate this thing to a respectible, and entertaining, level...thereby giving The Girl a chance to demonstrate HER advanced acting abilities that she HAS shown at specific times in her past career, and has been working to improve in recent years (per Eric)..but needs the right venue to 'complete' herself . (can't perform intense, 4 star drama if you're guesting on The Love Boat...paycheck? Yeah!...artistic fulfillment and peer/fan respect?...falls a little short)

But, we'll just have to see for ourselves tonight, gang. I'm expecting that, one way or the other, the MASSES will determine the fate of the new Dallas...not the over-paid, under-sexed, "anyone can print an opinion and get paid for it" critics (some of them ARE credible, Claudia Puig, Film Critic with USA..intelligent, insightful...and FAIR in her observations).

And one last thing that's EQUALLY for sure...tomorrow, Robert gets a call. I'm 4 for 5 in USA calls (they're pretty good about picking up their own extensions), and 'Bobby' and I will exchange pieces of mind..professionally, yet candidly...if he can handle it. Maybe we caught him on a bad day, and he forgot that he doesn't work for The Enquirer anymore. But, the waters will be tested.

Who knows....I may agree with him...but I certainly hope not. Miss D needs that avenue back, and THAT is my sole motive for this entire whoop-di-do, guys and gals.. (except when faking it while G-Girl is of the all time great 'Dallas' fans...poor thing)

Break a leg, Southfork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. yeah, I know didi ol' chum...I went a little over the top myself, again  :pc:


Post by: didi on June 13, 2012, 04:41:03 pm
Yeah you're right dude ,get that Robert something back in the right lane.and  to that :D gay joint he's familiar with..sucker!!

Post by: didi on June 13, 2012, 04:54:22 pm
This dude might just end up in les Folies Bèrgères and ask himself huh huh huh who's behind me...Is that you Paco or is it Kareem...ouch!....too late buddy....! :cool:

Post by: gator on June 13, 2012, 05:13:59 pm
ooooooooooouuuuuuuu......THAT hurt !!!!! May I quote, Monsieur?..... :nocomment

If he pisses me off too badly, I just MIGHT quote you.

Post by: didi on June 15, 2012, 03:15:01 pm
You can quote me anytime...don't really,in that situation i'm quite sure not be far from truth!!!

Hi Hi! :icon_wink: