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Post by: gator on July 03, 2011, 05:21:08 pm
Hello everyone. Gator here, Forum Member. I'm posting the following info on "General Chat" for ALL to see...ALL visitors, ALL lurkers, ALL lovers of The Girl, ALL members, etc. This is an attempt to make something happen for Miss Shelton, for The Site...for authentic fans anywhere and everywhere...if you're so inclined to jump on board.

I'm trying to initiate a 'write-in' campaign for Miss D to see if we can't help get her back on the tube via the new "Dallas" series re-make scheduled to premeire on TNT in August (the pilot, that I'm informed). Therefore, I'm going to post here some information for all who are so disposed to support this idea. My personal hope (as with the rest of our Film Club) is that every true, legitimate admirer, lover, watcher...and even borderline 'lurkers'.... of Miss Shelton will lend a hand and contact the honchos in this scenario, and see if we can't get their attention on this matter.

I'm fully aware that The Girl has been AWOL for quite some time, but all I can suggest is that we stay the course a little longer, and try to "measure out" one last major leauge fashion...then maybe it will be "measured back" to us. Besides, it might be fun to try to persuade Network hot shots to listen to the will of the people. (we're not getting anywhere with Washington, so let's try a smaller target). And to you folks on the other side of the globe (and there's more than a few of you), America's great in a great many categories. One of them is our contribution to the entertainment field in general. If you're scanning this web site, than you HAVE to be interested in Miss D, so give us a hand, will ya'?

OK, here's the scoop: If you wish to send good old fashion first class mail:
Turner Broadcasting, 1010 Techwood Dr., NW..Atlanta, GA  USA 30318..ATTN: TNT Programming Dept....if you wish a direct call: 404-885-4538...leave voice support....or...try Turner Broadcasting, 404-827-1700, and ask operator for TNT Programming Dept..then leave a compelling message....E-Mail? (scan the categories..haven't checked it myself, but I'm tolld there's a click for comments/reviews).

In addition to all this, I'm going to attempt to post an E-mail I sent earlier today to try to obtain production company contact info. Don't know if it will fit on this particular site, given possible character limits. But I'll give it a shot. The reason for the attempt is because I took the liberty of including Site membership as part of the signatory, and I felt that you members had a right to view the content (for what it's worth, I felt "what's right is right"). If I'm fortunate to receive some sort of response, then I'll get it here ASAP...or my better half will, if I'm on the road.

Grateful for your attention in this matter, folks. Last "plea": Let's make it happen, eh? Why not?


Post by: Erik on July 04, 2011, 07:25:16 pm
Thanks Gator, it's great to see this kind of initiative on the part of one of our members! A really cool idea that certainly is worth a major league shot.

I hope ALL of our members will invest a minute or so of their time and contact Turner Broadcasting. If enough of us respond, who knows what may happen? I know there's been some interest in bringing Mandy Winger back into the series if it's a success, and this "write-in" campaign can only help make that a reality.

I'll be informing Deborah of your efforts, and I'm sure she'll be very appreciative as well as touched and moved. How cool would it be for her fans to assist her in her career in this way?

C'mon people - let's get behind The Gator on this and try to ensure that his efforts are not in vain. Let's put Mandy Winger back in Dallas where she belongs!

Post by: mikenyc on July 05, 2011, 12:57:13 am
Let's put Mandy Winger back in Dallas where she belongs!

hehe, that is a nice slogan :)

C'mon people - let's get behind The Gator on this and try to ensure that his efforts are not in vain.
I`m on it boss ! :pc: and I agree, will pass on to some friend of mine!

Post by: gator on July 05, 2011, 09:25:15 am
Additional sincere thanks to you, Eric..and Mr Mike (nyc? Big Apple Man?) for your quick replies and action. ANY kind of a start is a good one. "Every journey has a first step"

2 points to relay this a.m.  a) Jannet Timm confirms receiving my letter and has already forwarded to the "secretive" executive producer in question. Now, the hope is that they will contact me directly....and b) Did anyone catch "Access Hollywood" last night? Whopping 15 second piece on new "Dallas" pilot. At least nation knows it's coming. Noted Duffy's remark (he looked pretty good BTW...betchya' Miss D looks BETTER)..."...IF they pick up the series...". OK, that backs info I was given: TNT has verbal commitment for series, but nothing in writing. It ALL rests on that pilot's ratings, then. Anything but a BUST should provoke network for 1/2 dozen or so further episodes...then..a full season...then pick up option for story lines. THAT is where our work could pay off: Yo, Eric..let D know so she can alert her BA's..if they haven't taken notice already (would hope she has decent people in her corner)

Launch time. See ya' when I see ya', folks (If that special contact comes thru, then Gail will be in your faces faster then J.R. scores a new mistress...48 in original series! WHEW! admire his sense!)


Post by: gator on June 01, 2012, 05:39:02 pm
2128 views on this 'puppy'....geeeeez :eek: With ALL the titles on this board...WHY this one? Is it the "title" ? It's not THAT eye-catching! Let's see how "Message to the World" fares in the months ahead. (Naaaaah...I don't think so).

What the hell are you people doing out there? Are you "serious"? Or...just wasting time? Is ANYONE supprting Deborah Shelton in any way, shape, or form?

Ahhhh, I phone call can answer that......"Here Ye.... Part 2" in days ahead.

Post by: Garland English on June 04, 2012, 01:30:55 pm
Hi gator,hi Gail,I believe a lot of these views are form the planets Mars and Venus.They tune in to these wavelengths,but don't respond.Earth people don't really care,exept for a few.

Post by: didi on June 12, 2012, 10:56:56 am
Mostly bots catching up on keywords....why don't you put some words in your subjects and be sure the entire universe will stop by......

Post by: didi on June 12, 2012, 11:18:14 am
Oups forgot to say hello to Mike.

Welcome on board Mike

It seems like there are still people on this planet listening..or maybe from other planets?? :rolleyes:

Post by: gator on June 13, 2012, 12:29:54 pm
Mike passed by almost a year ago, mon ami...but at least he addressed us personally, and not with a 'business card'. (thought he might stick around...but that was in my "foolish and naive" days).

As to nudes and porns etc....we've got the silent luker majority now, chief...but at least they're "quiet". That's all we need---to have every slime and perv on the planet "within these walls". ('course, I could 'tease' the masses, just to see the 'hit' "For All To FEEL"...or..."Hear Ye..Planet Ecstasy"...(attract TWO customer bases with THAT one)

Post by: didi on June 17, 2012, 04:12:52 pm
Sorry about Mike.....

Post by: gator on July 04, 2012, 10:41:26 am
Something that caught my eye.....yesterday, July 3, was the one year "anniversary" of this "Hear Ye..." post. As of today, there have been 2714 views. In The Site's history, there have been 4 other topics that have had more...ranging from 2949 to 2728.

But the interesting point is THOSE topics date back to 2004 and 2005. "Hear Ye" is one year old, and is catching the pack.

My only interest here is that, for whatever reason, THAT title caught the world's eye, and, in spite of the 'silence' on this Site, people ACTED on the request, as fans trying to make a difference. I've also observed (including today) that some of you have forwarded the mag "to a friend". I can only hopefully surmise that your intention is to help spread the word...what other motive would you have? (OK...2 possibilities: "check out the goof on this site...what a fool"...or...."check out this Pulitzer-styled composition. I'm SOOOO impressed"........naaah, I REALLY don't think so------well, maybe the first one).

Nevertheless, I NEVER expected such a view total a year ago. It was a "swing at a pitch in the dirt" to begin with. But, such as it is. And in my own mind...still believing in that "law of averages" will bear some sort of fruit "at the end of the day" (damn you, Eric!!! Been spitting that out all over the place lately!!! THX a lot!!!  :mad:)

And... speaking of "Thanks" sincere "merci tres beaucoup" to Eric, and Christo, for their assitance on the "Sticky Topic", and cover art work addition (what a pic, Christo!!!) in helping to enhance and publicize my effort. Two BIG assists....but the officials are still reviewing the replay, Boys....did it cross the goal line? IS IT a goal?.......inquiring minds WILL learn someday, perhaps.

So...until then...and for whatever it's worth (stock mission statement around here)...thanks for the numbers, Earth. It "looks" cool, if nothing else....................................."G"ator...."g"onna keep that light in the window........VIVA LA' SHELTON !!!!!!!!  :loli:

Post by: gator on September 02, 2012, 01:39:00 pm
OK, people...this is the defining target....per Andrea at TBS Public Relations....."Dallas" influx very heavy to the network. But the "specifics" are unknown to her.

All roads lead to Viewer Relations they are the link to Cynthia & Co for future story lines. I'm told that the messages left on their Voice Line ARE listened to consistently.... whether they respond or not is of no consequence. They HEAR it.

So....the target is 404-885-4538...PERIOD. Forget the TNTDRAMA web's a round about way to get a message to this particular dept. Call this number, and leave your best shot on wanting to see Deborah Shelton back on Dallas...however they pull it off.

Recent info indicates that they're in pre-production for season story lines are on the board already. Gotta get someone's attention...and the NETWORK, with its checkbook, would be the loudest attention-getter.

For our part in the Illinois Film Club, we've saturated that line already...but duplicate calls are not they DO have caller ID. You'd look foolish, although convicted, by attempting such a move. Just take ONE swing for the fence!!

Lottsa' views on this topic, folks...the most of any in the Site's history. Still believe it's a "fan" thing...or, at least, "want" to believe.

And...BTW...investigating how, in Heaven's Name, that THIS "Hear Ye..." mag got posted on page 2 of the web site....shocked the s*** out of me. No one on this end is responsible. If any of you out there IS responsible...much THKS!!! A little national advertising for The Girl is much appreciated.

Post by: Erik on September 03, 2012, 12:22:05 pm
Yeah, whoever posted the original post on the TNT site - Brilliant!

This is our shot at helping to "Put Mandy Winger Back in Dallas, Where She Belongs"! C'mon folks, let's do this...  :loli: :icon_02:

Post by: Garland English on December 21, 2012, 05:48:43 pm
The HEAR YE,HEAR YE topic has passed the 6,000 mark and still counting.Next is 7,000,and could it reach the 10,000 mark? It is December 21,2012 and the world is still hear.Plenty of time to do so.

Post by: gator on December 22, 2012, 03:03:40 pm
Hey Papa....big THX from G-Girl on your b-day wishes..."a true Southern Gentleman, as always"...and (ready?) a friendly "x" on the cheek. (now, don't get jealous, didi, ol' boy). My THX, too, know my 'thing' about respect.....and to our Wood Pecker for his text: "what's HE doing tonight?"...staying home, Hun-big storm!".."anyone with him?" his new 60" MGM style big screen that his sons surprised him with...BUT DIDN'T SET UP YET!!! (little rascals!---BRUTAL!!!). Our THX to you too, Pecker Pal! seems that I'm using this coveted "Hear Ye..." Title for coffee clutching, when my actual intention here is to add our new HEADLINE NEWS to a mag that's still going to Mars on the numbers, and it may be the best chance for the world at large to know the following:

DEBORAH SHELTON IS BACK ON DALLAS, FOLKS!!!! Eric got the call earlier this week, and he called me immediately, and I called Garland and didi immediately...and of course, we couldn't be happier for her. She'll be filming in Dallas next month sometime, and truthfully, we're told it's a 'cameo' appearance at a "funeral...OK, let your imaginations run a bit with THAT! In my (past) professional opinion, it's a set up for season 3...I'm recalling the Elizabeth Taylor 'cameo' in "All My Children" years ago...a set up for the post-holiday story line...with no announcement, and their ratings broke all daytime records. Yeah, I know: Deborah ain't Liz--but within the framework of the "Dallas" phenom, she may as well be!!

Plus (check this out, Bunchers)..I'm scheduled for another week in Dallas  on Jan. 7....and it won't be anyone in Production that I'm reaching out for. Sorry Bunchers...y'all got your pics, and cards, and e-mails...and "friendships" etc. But yours truly had less than 10 minutes on a "rushed" call, when she wasn't feeling well. So, I'm going for the gold boys. Yeah...I might crap out....but that's what I said on my LAST TWO Dallas visits...and the results weren't exactly "uneventful".

Naaah...really...THIS one's pretty much impossible...RIGHT? But, I can at least forward a message via Prod contact: "Hey Beautiful...wanna have lunch?"......... :hihi: :hihi: :hihi: :hihi: those of you (whom we'll never know) that may have helped on this year and a half project...THANK YOU for your efforts. I'd very much like to believe that ALL of our efforts played a tie breaking part in Production's decision to "make the move"...and from what I've heard from the world at large, they realized that they should LISTEN.

God Bless, Deborah...once again: good for you!!!!!!! :icon_wink: